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12-22-2012, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
thus why acquiring Bishop was useless. There was no need
Now if anyone doubts that he is just trolling...

I only have a few minutes but quickly (could find more with more time) :

- Anderson was injured, we were right in the middle of a playoff race and the team (players, coachs, management) clearly had no confidence in Auld. It could have been disastrous for Lehner confidence to put him in so much pressure as a 19 y/o. Imagine if he ruined the season?

- Create an internal competition. We only had 1 goalie prospect... Lehner must have felt entitled to his future. It was a wake-up call for him... like "wow a 6'7 guy that has dominated the AHL is now competing with me"

- Adress a position of weakness (goaltending was a weakness and is now a strenght... Need a drawing? Gerber/Auld/Elliott --> Anderson/Lehner/Bishop)

- Who the heck do you expect to draft with that 2nd rounder? 2n coming of Mario Lemieux? A guy better than Bishop? No, chances remain very low that we'd develop a better player in 4-5 years.

- We already have ton of prospects, why not use 1 freaking draft pick to add a goalie that is FULLY developped and who has serious potential? Are we seriously going to hurt because we have 1 less 18 y/o prospect but a 25 y/o player instead? (note the difference between prospect and player... 1 is a sure thing, the other is not)

- Bishop is at least still worth a 2nd, maybe we'll get even more if he can raise his stock (hard to do with non-stop lockouts though). He has nothing else to prove in the AHL, he needs some NHL games.

Conclusion : do we really care that much about a 2nd round pick? Ya let's trade Da Costa, Petersson, Ceci, etc for 2nds! It would be awesome

Seriously, it must be cereals, today's youth is incapable of reasoning

We're not talking about characters on a XboX video game but human beings... There's a lot of psychology in real life, sports included. Not sure what you have chosen to study but please don't choose management, you clearly have no skills in that. Your thought process is way too simple.

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