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Originally Posted by MK9 View Post
In the sense of most people, I agree. It's commonplace. Doesn't make it right.
in the "hockey community" value is placed on team spirit and attitude, and one person getting special treatment over his teammates is going to rub people the wrong way no matter if that special treatment makes sense situationally or not. so a guy who can just leave for christmas and come back no problem while his teammates are still practicing and playing is dickish in context. Seto assumes special treatment and gets it. No one likes it when stars get special treatment (drawing more calls, usually) in the NHL...This is an extension of that. It is "right" and reasonable (if you subscribe to idea that players should be treated equally on a team regardless of skill) to criticize Seto for taking extra days off. edit: extra days off for extra partying. No one minds when someone gets to leave when a family member is born or dies.

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