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06-05-2006, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Riel
Is there a summary on Claude Giroux talent analysis anywhere? There's none on HF and I'm not very familiar with this player.
X-SHARKIE's draft preview:

''This kid has a great story. Made Gatineau Olympique this season as a walk on, then preceded to lead his team in scoring during the regular season and the playoffs. Knocked for being a small player, Giroux makes up for his lack of size with shifty skating and outstanding play making ability. Giroux is small but doesnít play scared, he is not afraid to take a hit, he goes into traffic. Girouxís lack of strength is evident at times as he does lose physical battles and can struggle along the boards, can be pushed off the puck fairly easily, but he doesnít go down easy. Not an end to end threat, but heís fast once the offensive zone is established. Shifty in tight spaces, can be slippery, has soft hands with creative moves, hard to get a body on. Great agility and his first step makes him a quick player. Never has to slow down and can make plays at full speed. His bread and butter is his vision of the ice and his play making ability. Claude is a deft play maker, he has superb vision, he can thread the needle with a pass and is deadly at creating plays. Instinctive player with the puck on his stick and makes quick decisions. Simply put, an assist machine! Defensively he can be dangerous to turn the puck the other way for scoring chance. He is savvy at anticipating the play and creating a turn over, but isnít a pillar of strength in his own end. He came on the scene fast this year and heís small so there are concerns about him. You canít teach his vision of the ice and his ability to create scoring opportunities and that should get him drafted in the first round or at least in the second. Reminds me of another small, play making, water bug from the QMJHL, Piere-Marc Bouchard. ''

If he was our ''man'' I would hope we trade down a bit to get him, but Colorado at 17 or 18 strikes me as a team that could love Giroux, as they love the high upside CHL guys.

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