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12-22-2012, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by PHILOUDELPHIA View Post
well, wow I'm glad I made someone's xmas, man this guy looks like he got what he wanted lol.

I'm a big billy guy to, and have all of my dad's VINYL collection ahhh yes if pierre robere could see that he might play them on wmmr. Anyways happy holidays man and im still shopping for a CBA deal, and as pierre would say, it will run ever so slightly behind schedule.
Haha... yeah, an entire concert from back in the days of the Spectrum, and late-early Billy is perfect to fill in the gap of what I really asked Santa for... NHL Flyers Hockey.

That may be the first Joel concert I went to... depending which date it is... I've attended many since, in various venues and circumstances, but that first one may have been the best, considering my fantastic seat location and the concert friendly confines of the Spectrum and his being so up for the show with his youthful energy... We were right to his right side on the front row of the second level which at the Spectrum meant that we were almost right in his lap... we had binoculars for when he wondered away a bit and we noticed him 'playing' to a blue-jeaned casually dressed Christy Brinkley who was a few rows back. It was obvious that he was making a point not look directly at her as to not tip off the people around her. We saw what was going on though -- she was not made Hollywood-made up... just a regular girl for that night... but she was naturally gorgeous just the same -- towards the end of the concert she went back stage and got the recently born Alexa Raye and brought her to the back apron of the stage where she handed her to him to hug and kiss... right below us... They were still basically young and in love and he was full of vim and vigor and his performance displayed it... He had something like five or more encores as we kept calling him back on stage.

Ironically... it was either the next time, or the time after that, that we saw him again at Spectrum and he was breaking up with Christy, although it was not announced nor publicized... It was a lackluster performance -- I'd say the worst I've personally seen him give -- He claimed he had a cold... but to this day I'm convinced he was just depressed... He did a minimum type show, which actually was still great because it was Billy, and did the least number of encores he could get away with. His subsequent concerts that I saw were back up to his usual standards... but those two were the best and least best of my many attended anywhere... and that includes the final Shea Stadium one with all the guest stars which included Sir Paul.

Thanks once again for the posting... and Happy Holidays to you too... As Billy always says, "Don't take any **** from anyone".

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