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12-22-2012, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
Feelin' at bit nervous there Pat??

GWI had been to every council session involving a lease agreement with a persective owner repeatedly beating their chests..... until Jamison. They didn't even get involved with Ken Jones' latest referendum drive, which is going down in flames.... again. You honestly think they're going to just ride in now and deliver the team to Quebec City??

Really like to know which orifice you pulled that number from???

He has the investors. Was reported back in the summer the money is in escrow. But some of it is contingent upon acquiring a lease agreement with Glendale.... which he is about to complete.

Oh..... a big deal it is.
TL, your delusion knows no boundaries! The losses for the year far exceeded $25MM and likely made the $40MM level. Don`t believe me, MInnesota lost $12MM last year with operating fundamentals that put the Coyotes to shame! To say that the two franchises losses were even $10MM apart is disingenuous and naive! Take some time and compare every metric between the two and you will realize your mistake in judgement.

AS for GJ`s $$$$, please enlighten all of us with your source that is a third party and credible! None such information exists. GJ, has been pulling the wool over the Councils eyes for 16 months, not to mention the non-existent media who have refused to vet this guy, a complete sham which is about to be exposed with the passage of time!

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