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12-22-2012, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Mightygoose View Post
Another thought and it may sound silly at first.

Does anyone know how he signed?

@JSportsnet Correction: City of Glendale has signed lease management agreement. Jamison will sign as soon as he receives signed docs.

Joyce Clark@clarkjv

sooooo...Not Yet...

Meaning, I understand this needs to be signed by 3 parties to be a done deal

1) The city manager. Mr. Skeete - check
2) The Arena Manager
3) The owner of the Coyotes

2 blanks remain!
Yup. We knew that Glendale would sign the lease. It now must be signed by Jamison (as "Arena Manager") and whoever "the Owner" is. We still have no information on the identity of Jamison's investors, but who really cares, right?

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