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12-22-2012, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
TL, your delusion knows no boundaries! The losses for the year far exceeded $25MM and likely made the $40MM level. Don`t believe me, MInnesota lost $12MM last year with operating fundamentals that put the Coyotes to shame! To say that the two franchises losses were even $10MM apart is disingenuous and naive! Take some time and compare every metric between the two and you will realize your mistake in judgement.

AS for GJ`s $$$$, please enlighten all of us with your source that is a third party and credible! None such information exists. GJ, has been pulling the wool over the Councils eyes for 16 months, not to mention the non-existent media who have refused to vet this guy, a complete sham which is about to be exposed with the passage of time!
The Sharks sold out every game and still didn't turn a profit, I can see the Coyotes losing plenty of money. But the fact that the Sharks lost money after selling out shows that the NHL has a huge problem, and not with just the Coyotes.

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