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Originally Posted by awfulwaffle View Post
The Sharks sold out every game and still didn't turn a profit, I can see the Coyotes losing plenty of money. But the fact that the Sharks lost money after selling out shows that the NHL has a huge problem, and not with just the Coyotes.
How many tickets you sell isn't the's how much you sell them for that counts.....

You can sell 8k tickets per long as you can charge $300 per ticket and every person there has seven $10 beers and eats 3 $9 hotdogs all is good

On a serious note.....if every person that walks into the arena isn't worth over an average of $100 spent on tickets and goodies it is hard to turn a profit in the gate driven NHL

P.S. These numbers were pulled out of my a$$ so take them for what they are worth lol

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