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12-22-2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by LSnow View Post
But how much does it effect the evolution of players game if Barkov for example gets placed in a similar position as Filppula, or get the opportunity to shine like Leino.
Barkov, likely a top 5 pick, certainly won't be in similar position to Filppula. He's probably going to get he's first chance as soon as next year. Flip and Leino were both late-boomers. Leino hit NHL at 26, Flip at 22-23. Barkov is likely playing regularly before he turns 20.

Barkov may be put out in similar position as Flip, depending on which organization drafts him (dear god let it be the exact same one ) but he's so far ahead of development curve compared to Flip. Heck, compared to 99% percent of the players. I think it would be good for Barkov start at third line in NHL next year. He's up to the challenge. Maybe even give 'Seguin' treatment, because he's going to be playing so much more at NA, with all the travelling etc.

If all this kids bust, then we have serious issues here. But we haven't have group of this talent for years and I'm at least very excited what they can do.

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