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06-05-2006, 10:37 AM
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I'm a big post-rock fiend, although I do hate that genre name.

For those of you not familiar with it, here's a brief description shamelessly stolen from
Post-rock was the dominant form of experimental rock during the '90s, a loose movement that drew from greatly varied influences and nearly always combined standard rock instrumentation with electronics. Post-rock brought together a host of mostly experimental genres -- Kraut-rock, ambient, prog-rock, space rock, math rock, tape music, minimalist classical, British IDM, jazz (both avant-garde and cool), and dub reggae, to name the most prevalent -- with results that were largely based in rock, but didn't rock per se. Post-rock was hypnotic and often droning (especially the guitar-oriented bands), and the brighter-sounding groups were still cool and cerebral -- overall, the antithesis of rock's visceral power. In fact, post-rock was something of a reaction against rock, particularly the mainstream's co-opting of alternative rock; much post-rock was united by a sense that rock & roll had lost its capacity for real rebellion, that it would never break away from tired formulas or empty, macho posturing. Thus, post-rock rejected (or subverted) any elements it associated with rock tradition. It was far more concerned with pure sound and texture than melodic hooks or song structure; it was also usually instrumental, and if it did employ vocals, they were often incidental to the overall effect.
Montreal happens to have one of the world's best post-rock scenes, mostly centred around Constellation Records (

Awesome Montreal-based post-rock acts:
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
A Silver Mt. Zion / The Silver Mt. zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band / Thee Silver Mountain Reveries
Fly Pan Am
Below the Sea
1-Speed Bike
Feu Therese

Other outstanding post-rock bands:
Explosions in the Sky (Austin, TX)
Mogwai (Glasgow, Scotland)
Sigur Ros (Reykjavik, Iceland)
Do Make Say Think (Toronto, ON)
Saxon Shore (Philadelphia, PA)
God is an Astronaut (Dublin, Ireland)
65daysofstatic (Oxford, England)
Laura (Melbourne, Australia)
Gregor Samsa (Richmond, VA)
Mono (Tokyo, Japan)

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