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Originally Posted by WantonAbandon View Post
Let me ask you something... at this point what concession have the owners offered the players? Usually a "partnership" is supposed to be about give and take. Not Take and Take.
Remember when Bettman said it was a partnership? The players aren't race horses.
That's not how it works. If the business is in jeopardy (any business) you don't simply base your negotiating position on what happened last time. You base it on what the business needs to be survive and successful (which benefits the players as well). I'm not saying the owners are angels, I am saying the NHL is broken. They have ever increasing revenues but decreasing profit margins (only a small portion of teams are making money), that's a sign of a serious issue.

The owners are looking at the business and saying "This is what needs to happen for the business to be viable". The players seem to be saying "But it's our turn to win the negotiations, we don't care about the business, we just want to win the fight".

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