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12-22-2012, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Ludicrous Speed View Post
I really have to agree with this. Sure, it was a bit late, but "keep your head up" is good advice more often than not. It's a rough game, and had Jenner been there earlier it would have been 100% clean.
The thing is, these European kids from Sweden and Finland aren't used to so physical game from the NA sides. It's not like there's no hitting in European leagues, but the big ice reduces the ammount of big open ice collisions quite a lot, because there's no time to do these and if you commit to one, you better get it right otherwise you give the opposition the advantage by missing the hit.
Because of this, "keep your head up" isn't stressed as much as in NA. Also keeping in mind it was a late hit, he didn't really expect to get hit there so I don't think the Swede is to blame here.

I'd give Jenner 1 or 2 games just as reminder to learn to let go sometimes, when you know you can't finnish your hit on time and the opponent isn't aware. There's really no need to hit the unsuspecting player in a friendly match. Good for Jenner to make the contact itself clean, you could have easily made a hit to the head there. If the Swede doesn't get injured it's just 2 minutes, but Petterson did this time, and that's major in Europe.

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