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Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
From what I've seen, the extent of the coddling Armia's received is incredible. If he plays several games lazily and selfishly, does he get scratched or thrown into the 3rd line? Not usually. I think he did play one game in Ässät's 2nd or 3rd line this season, though but was then moved back to the 1st line. My fellow Finns are free to correct me if I'm wrong about this.
Armia has played this season mostly on the second line, a few games on the third line and once can remember him starting on the first line with Stephan Dixon. Has been benched for the final period of a game once, possibly twice.
Originally Posted by Haite View Post
At least repeatedly lists Armia's line as first and Dixon's as second, while it's probably evident that it's other way around in reality.
Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
Really? I've usually seen him on the 1st line in SM-liiga's online lineups, although you could argue that Dixon's line (which shows up as the 2nd line most of the time) is actually Ässät's 1st line.
Edit. Yeah, the order of how they are marked on the site doesn't mean all that much.

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