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12-22-2012, 02:56 PM
Eddie Shack
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Samueli may not be the best owner but he is far from the worst. Hockey will never be a major sport in SoCal. The Kings have been around since 1966 and have done no better at putting hockey on the map in this area.

Jack Kent Cooke was the first owner of the Kings. When told there were 500,000 former Canadians living within three hours of LA he replied, "Yeah, and I know why. They all hate hockey!". Cooke was a promoter, he loved the team but had no success marketing it. You could give Bruce McNall credit for bringing in Gretzky but once Gretzky left, hockey in SoCal become a snoozefest again.

Hockey will always be a tough sell in an area where the sun shines 360 days a year. You can debate how to market the team but at the end of the day 98% of people around here won't care what you do, they aren't interested.

In some ways we should feel lucky. You can buy a reasonably priced ticket to almost any Ducks game you like. I have a friend who lives outside Toronto. He has to go to Buffalo to see NHL games.

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