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Originally Posted by porknbeans1000 View Post
I wanted to make this thread for some time now. This is a prospects section for hf, not an nhl one. I am looking in the schultz thread and than the armia thread and i see certain fanbases "rallying" around prospects. I think the fact that people feel the need to "defend" prospects is starting to take away from these boards, changing prospect threads for most of the important ones. Since most prospects fail to become nhlers it is probably well justified to criticize (without bias) but the threads are being ruined by people who can only see their prospects doing good. I would also, aside from making this point, like to discuss the methodology of analyzing a prospect. Many fans wrongly assume that explict success (stats and honors) in any particular league is a sign that a prospect is doing well. It turns out that being the highest scoring ohl'er cannot guarantee being above an ahl scrub, let alone a star. Success in those leagues will correllate with players who are going to continue to do well against opposition but this is a weak correlation. Only the very best top scorers make it to the nhl, everyone else is some sort of role player who is selected and eventually makes the nhl on a specific skill set, not on "overall" ability. Thanks for listening to my concen hopefully we can improve the methodology of prospect analysis and make hfboards a legit place where maybe scouts can chill some day. Ps, major pet peeve, these absolutely inane discussions about whether so and so player is canadian or american. Earth to posters it is a totally personal decision that may or may not deal with variables you may not even concieve of.
I agree with most of what you said

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