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12-22-2012, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by EpochLink View Post
Put some good teams playing in Toronto and fan interest will show up. The Bills haven't been relevant since the 1990's..if you put New England, New York Giants, Pittsburgh or even San Francisco..people would be loud and proud at Rogers Centre.
They have been putting good teams in Toronto.

Pittsburgh and Colts came for preseason.

2008 Dolphins - Historic Franchise and Division Champions that year
2009 Jets - Memorable first season of Rex Ryan, got to the AFC championship that year
2010 Bears - Historic Franchise, Division Champions and made the NFC championship that year
2011 Redskins - Historic Franchise but had a pretty bum year
2012 Seahawks - Exciting up and coming team, ROTY candidate, playoffs???

This argument that they haven't been putting good teams in for the series doesn't hold any weight.

Not every game in the NFL is against teams like New England or the Packers, their are 31 other possible teams you can face. You can't depend on just facing the top of the league to be successful.

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