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12-22-2012, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Boltsfan2029 View Post
So does the league. Now they just have to each swallow their pride and do it.

I think they should each write down what movement they're willing to make. Put those lists in sealed envelopes. Have a meeting and hand the envelopes to each other at the exact same second. Open them at the exact same second. That way neither side shows "weakness" by making the first move.

Just get it done, fer cryin' out loud.
I don't know how you can look at what the owners have done and said and come to that conclusion. They are drawing lines in the sand and threatening to die on hills, they don't want someone to bargain with, they want someone that will accept their demands.

The league could have kept negotiations going and instead huffed and puffed about the players altering an agreement that they made clear was take it or leave it. That is not negotiating.

Despite my player bias I can acknowledge that the PA has chosen to drag their feet and slow down the process, why can't the other side acknowledge that the league has slowed the process by failing again and again to get involved in any real negotiations?

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