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12-22-2012, 05:13 PM
France Nielsen
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I think you're confusing audiences here. There are two types of posters here: the scout and the fan.

The scout wants to seriously evaluate who will become the best player, and it doesn't really matter what team that guy plays for or who he belongs to. The scout wants to talk to other scouts and, really, wants to be a scout.

The fan, on the other hand, wants to be excited about his team's prospect. When the prospect does well, it's because he's an amazing prospect, and when the prospect doesn't do well, it's in spite of the fact that he's an amazing prospect. Outcomes aren't as important as the belief that one day the parent team will be just awesome. It's a fantasy type thing. It's fun.

Obviously, the two don't mix well. Fans tend to be huge homers and bickering detractors, and scouts tend to be uptight and willing to defend their analyses (no matter how flawed) to the death.

All you're saying is you want more scouts and less fans. I think instead they should create specific forums for each. Most importantly, the scouting forum needs to be rigorously moderated. If you post in the scout forum without specifying the exact game you saw the players in the question (and only one game at a time), that post gets deleted. Make it academic; you have to cite your sources.

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