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12-22-2012, 06:31 PM
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I'm hoping some referees can chime in on this next one and let me know what the rule should be. This happened in my Bantam CC game tonight.

The penalty box was right next to our bench. It's the 2nd period so we have the long line change to deal with. That means the door for the defense was about 5 feet into the neutral zone, where the door for the forwards was about 15 feet or whatever into the offensive zone. We had a guy in the box and his penalty was expiring. We instructed him to come straight to the bench so we could put another player on.

As his penalty expires, our players are starting to rush up the ice with the puck. The player exits the penalty box and enters through the defense door, which is still in the neutral zone. If our forward would have jumped over the boards right away, he would have put the play offside, so he sat on the edge of the boards waiting for the play to come into the zone, he never touched the ice. As our players entered the zone the linesman called it offside since our forward was sitting on the boards.

What is the ruling on this? When does the player become an eligible player? We only had 4 guys on the ice since the guy coming out of the box had gotten off the ice, and the player to replace him had not stepped foot on the ice yet. We tried to get an explanation from the referee, but all he did was tell us that he was going to call us for too many men if it wasn't called offside...?

I guess this is sort of a grey area?

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