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Originally Posted by KnightSpit View Post
First off, hope you all have a great Christmas. Was in Erie last weekend with a few friends to do some excellent and amazing Christmas shopping. All I can say is nice city, great bargain, good prices and no tax on any clothing. Was able to get really good seats for the Kitchener game. First of all let me say, your arena although half renovated, is looking really nice, when all done you just might end up with the best rink in the "O" As for the current line up, with a 3 game win streak, don't touch a thing until if and when they lose. Don't know what your bench looked like a month ago, but we were just a few rows behind it and all the palyers seemed very animated, talking it up and supporting each other, and that is half the battle. That goalie Willams, wow what a stud and you have Dansk as well ? Every team would love that problem. Your forwards were clicking, short shifts and lots of back checking,

Your D looked solid, I think the lines were Pelch, Donnay, Abraham and Kuleshov and then McDowell and Murphy. All the D looked solid, all big kids, who were playing smart. Pelch got 3 penalties in the game, but for the most part they killed them off. Looks like Eire is headed in the right direction for now. Good luck and have agreat Christmas, and I almost forgot, I think there were about 5,000 fans there, but they sounded more like 10,000. Without a doubt you have the loudest building in the "O"
Hope that you have a nice Christmas as well and glad to hear that you enjoyed the game. I love the atmosphere in Erie and it definitely gets loud in there sometimes. Erie ended the year with a perfect 3 for 3 so lets hope it carries over after the break. If the team can win consistently then those large loud crowds will be there every game.

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