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12-22-2012, 08:14 PM
Eddie Vedder
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Any deal potentially a bad deal? (Please tell me im wrong)

I poke my head in here from time to time to check news, or spit ball an idea off the minds kicking around here.

Heres my current brain fart:

At this point, damage to league is real though extent is obviously unknown. When the league comes back, the salary cap will be based on a % of league wide revenue as it always has been, though the share will be more even. Great.

Heres what I am concerned about: The Canadian teams wont take a big revenue hit, imo. Theres too many people like me who will watch every game, buy some tickets a couple times a year, and swoon over every moment of the schedule.

The big revenue hit will *probably* be in non-traditional US markets that are already struggling.

My Concern, in a tl;dr format:

Canadian teams will keep LEAGUE revenue relatively very high, which in turn will keep the cap #s (floor/ceiling) quite high (relatively) and the teams struggling now will continue to struggle because of this and ultimately lead to another lockout one day, or more instability.


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