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Originally Posted by DropkickQuinn View Post
A related pet peeve of mine around this time of year is people arguing in a very biased manner that their team's prospect should make a certain World Juniors team, when it is obvious that they only have an interest in this player because their team drafted them. World Juniors mean very little for a prospects development, and having a player be cut from a squad doesn't guarantee they will be a bust. I'd rather my country ice the best possible team of CHL and NCAA stars than have a prospect I hope to be a star in the NHL take a superior player's spot.
Agree 100%, it's amazing how many fan (atics) of a team will changer their opinion or crystallize it around a player once they are that team property.

There is no formula for applying any type of statistical success at any level to success at the NHL level.

People can project and post opinions but too many fan (atics) get their backs up when actual NHL comparisons are made and it's all rather frustrating and takes away from informed discussion.

It's not a question of being right or wrong about prospects but rather being realistic at least.

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