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12-22-2012, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Moskau View Post
Not really. He was a rookie in the NHL when most felt he didn't even belong there yet. Not only that he was in a top 6 role initially and later plugged around different holes. IIRC he was 3rd in PPG by a rookie the first month of the season. He started to struggle when the team went to ****. At the time it looked like Adam was dragging ass but it was just the beginning of a bad season.

I guess you can say he regressed looking at his numbers and how he and the team started to play but it's hard to pin it on Adam. He wasn't ready to play in the NHL and was basically thrown to the dogs because of the terrible center depth at the time. And then he was thrown under the bus by his head coach. It's hard for me to say he was playing poorly when it's inevitable that an NHL Rookie will fall off at some point in time, Rolston just hasn't gotten him back on track and the same is happening with McNabb.
How did Ruff throw him under the bus?

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