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12-22-2012, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by BrawlFan View Post
i fully agree with you. All of your points are valid except one

Basically what the OP is stating is that if Bishop walks at the end of the year because he has the option too. ANDDDDD there are an enormous amount of teams that would pay a big price for him on the open market - that 2nd rounder becomes a waste.

I don't think it was a huge waste but it is pretty crappy that we cant get ful value of a 2nd rounder.

But worst things have happened. Ppl overpay a great deal to load up for playoffs, all we did was give up a 2nd rounder for a goalie.
GMs can't manage their teams expecting a lockout. If there wasn't yet another freaking lockout, everything would be set perfectly and Bishop would be raising his value in the NHL while Lehner continues his development in the AHL.

Something people quickly forget is that Lehner is ONLY 21 y/o... Look at the age Europeans goalie start to play regularly in the NHL (Hasek, Lundqvist, Rinne, Rask, Kiprusoff, Backstrom, Markstrom...)

Is Robin Lehner supposed to be better than all of them? Oh ya, hopefully he doesn't become "just" a Lundqvist. I mean the guy is soft mentally, etc.

And this :

Originally Posted by General Granny View Post
He's still an RFA at the end of the contract.

Originally Posted by Icelevel View Post
not sure about that. silfverberg, prince, lehner?
yeah i DO really care about a 2nd round pick. (not agreeing or disagreeing with bishop value)
I mean... how many of those golden prospects can we afford to have? Would you litterally sacrifice Alfie to have 53 additional prospects? There's only 20 spots on a team, not all our prospects will make it and some will have to be traded to have a chance to play in the NHL. That's how ridiculous our depht will be

Sometimes you have to spend your money... Acquiring a FULLY developped goalie (they take time and $$$ to develop) for a 2nd round pick is GREAT VALUE. You are JUMPING 4-5 years of development. That's worth a lot in the real world. I don't understand how can people don't see that.

Bishop was just 25 y/o and has dominated the AHL for a while. And what are the chances the 2nd becomes better than Bishop? We did very well with our 2nds lately but a 2nd is a 2nd... it only has incommensurable value on HF... Sometimes, Dominic Moore is what you can get at the deadline for a 2nd...

Originally Posted by mat_sens View Post
A lot of softies let in by Bishop.
Just checked the highlights and really you guys expectations are way out of bounds. He couldn't do much on the first 3 goals (Hoffman even scored on him as he was going to freeze the puck), the 4th was a really good shot and the 5th he got fooled by a rebound shot/pass.

Do you guys realize you are whining about a goalie that is 6-2-1 with a 928% SV???


Originally Posted by General Granny View Post
Not many are against it, just 2 confused people and that's it.
Well, this... It's funny there's always a few people that are going against the grain, trying desperatly to be "controversial".

/Bishop's discussion

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