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12-22-2012, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
I have a compromise that could work if both sides weren't so stubborn:

Make a 12 year deal. In years 1 and 2, the NHL goes outside the cap to 'make whole' the current contracts. Years 3-10 you return to playing within the cap and it's restraints.

NHL gets CBA term and proper cap with link to HRR and no escrow cap. Players get monies owed to them.

Go to 6-8 year contracts from 5-7.

I think that could be enough give for both sides to concede without looking like they are bending over. At the end of the day, I think that is what that has become. Both sides are too proud to appear to be weak and giving in.

I still think we get a deal at the last possible moment. That has been Fehr's end game all along.
Personally, i think Fehr wants to blow it up and start from scratch to put in MLB system where there isn't a cap to restrict player salaries, and revenue sharing and luxury taxes enable salaries to reach insane levels.

If players lose a year, which it looks like they might, how would the very high end player make that money back? By being paid in a system where Sydney Crosby or Steven Stamkos can be paid $15 or $20 or $25 mill/yr for many, many years.

I honestly do not like where this looks to be headed.

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