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12-22-2012, 11:32 PM
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Finished this just now... i tried to put in some more defensive plays to avoid another debate! Don't blame me if this one is more boring!

Scouting Report

-Very good skater, strong on edges with a smooth stride. Can accelerate well and has good top end speed.
-Likes to use skating ability to carry the ice up the ice.
-Makes a good first pass, not great like Tanev, but above average.
-Calm under pressure when moving the puck, tends to find outlet pass quickly, but one one occasion, did not find anyone, decided to rush the puck up ice after PK shift.
-Defensively, he is solid. In the games watched, only one goal against was really ugly and attributable to him. He gave the puck away up the ice by going up the middle rather than up the wall. Another GA was because he appeared confused on what to do on a 2-on-1. Did not take the passing lane away.
-He makes smart decisions with the puck usually, shows fight in front of the net for positioning, and along the boards for the puck. Willing to engage in contact, but rarely uses body to punish opponents. I redact what i said about him not being much more physical than Tanev. The more games i watched, the more i noticed Price is more willing to throw his body around and plays a grittier game.
-Good PKer who reads the situation well 5 on 4 and 5 on 3. Was used always on the first PK and on 5 on 3 situations. Is everywhere on the ice. In front of the net and is at times the high "forward" guarding the points.
-PP: looks good disributing the puck, can walk the line and has fast footwork to do so, has a nice wrister, did not utilize slap shot very often here on the PP. Good passing vision. Question whether he will be able to QB PP at the next level. Good 2nd PP unit kind of guy.

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