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12-23-2012, 01:13 AM
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The problem is what you're looking for is people to be more objective and a little more open to negativity. In a perfect world it's plausible, but it's just not realistic.

You ever notice in pre-draft highlights they have a large section of a players pro's and only a small section on con's? It's because with every prospect you expect to carry a large amount of optimism. The real stats show the vast majority never amount to anything, but that's not what's being discussed. People want to imagine that player 'x' will become an impact player. Therefore they must tout that players strengths. No one likes to harp on the weaknesses because frankly that would be boring.

How trivial would it be to discuss a player that is never going to amount to anything? Statistically it's likely to happen, but if that's the starting mindset then why bother? Better to spend your time doing something else than discussing someone who is never going to amount to anything. This is why the biggest threads are discussing the "elite" prospects. A lower ranked prospect never garners much attention.

I also realize that's not what you're looking for. You're just looking for objective analysis, but realistically most posters haven't seen some if these players play (more than a few games at most, especially aside from the WJC). Most opinions are driven by a third party, often some kind of free scouting service report read on the internet. These service tout a players strengths. Again, this is because it makes it interesting. No one would read reports on why player 'x' is a dud (unless it's intentional to an otherwise high rated prospect to gain attention).

Thus peoples minds are filled with knowledge on how great player 'x' is without a whole lot of insight on what their flaws may be.

Also many posters aren't so much fans of certain prospects as they are fans of certain teams. Therefore critiquing a certain prospect will be seen as insulting a team and will likewise be defended.

Regardless these are forums and just like any other forum across the internet some posts are duds and some are truly enlightening. You are required to sift through the information, and deal with the people, no one is going to do that for you.

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