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Originally Posted by Fred Taylor View Post
I consider these three equal in playmaking ability, which is why I made the poll, and so far I'd say Forsberg is getting massively underrated.
I wonder how long the thread would have gone with out someone else mentioning this.

I didn't vote because i can't put any of the 3 as a clear cut favorite.

Jagr has the better career but also the slowest start.

Sid's only none top 10 seasons in assists is in

08 whens he leads the NHL in .91 APG with 48 in 53
11 when he has .83 APG in 41 games and
12 when he has 1.32 APG in 22 games

Forsberg also showed great play making skills 18 onward

Jagr had the toughest transition, in a way, by playing in NA right after his draft but Pittsburgh traded for Hrdina to soften the transition and Pittsburgh had a ton of offense talent and style of play which helped to draw out Jagr's offensive skill set as well.

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