Thread: Proposal: Tomas Plekanec to Minnesota
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12-23-2012, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by glenbuis View Post
If u wanna try and think of all the ways we are not far from the top you can put up a decent argument. Three years ago we were in the final four, Two years ago we took the eventual cup champions to game seven. Last year was a write-off because of injuries. A healthier team with added grit this year and there's no doubt we'll be back in the play-offs. Lots of prospects and draft picks built up and you can see it's getting better. (So far, would what i just said be reasonable?)
OK... thanks for the arguments? They could quite possibly regain their form - I believe this season was a bit of an anomaly.

Originally Posted by glenbuis View Post
Don't answer. Let me finish. On the downside there's issues. When we got to the final four, between out of this world goal=tending and some breaks we knocked off two top seeds. I think you would have to admit that we never really dominated and caught a few breaks along the way. Against Boston we were so close. But again were we really equipped well for three more rounds. From then on it's been down hill do to injuries. If we keep all the same players who get injured a lot ie. Markov, thats proballbly gonna happen again. So if we don't rebuild at this stage, we will probalbly make the play-offs but really are we really gonna be a serious contender?
Look no further than our latest cup champions - the LA Kings. A hot goaltender and a team running full steam can work wonders. Montreal has a great young core that can arguably rival that of the kings (yes, I believe the Kings aren't as good as they seemed), and have a much better prospect pool. Both teams have in my mind, the two most valuable (take into account age) goaltenders in the league.

Originally Posted by glenbuis View Post
Then think about the team that could be assembled in yes, three years. For one you can't say that Subban is chemistry. After which fight with what teammate did you come to that conclusion? If you really think for a while about the potential of a rebuild at this stage, we could have a real contender in yes 3 yrs. Weve waited since 92-93, so whats another 3yrs. We wouldn't be like the Oilers with 4 BigStars and not much else, but say 8-10 good stars
You're right, they hate each other: Seems like decent chemistry with the most important piece in Montreal, with him being the second most important.

Please, we've got an amazing young core of Pacioretty, Subban, Price with relatively young veterans Gorges and Plekanec also in the core. Galchenyuk is looking phenomenal, our prospect pool is great and we've got great veteran leadership that can chip in offensively with Gionta and Markov. As well, I'm leaving out all the great young players like Desharnais, Diaz, etc.

What you're suggesting is what goes against the spirit of the Montreal Canadiens; purposely tanking for better draft choices.

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