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12-23-2012, 04:26 AM
Andy Dufresne
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Originally Posted by Canucker View Post
Rome's hit wasn't nearly as late. When Rome committed to hitting Horton there was about 10 feet between them when Horton had passed the puck. When Jenner committed to hitting Pettersson there was at least double that distance.
I agree with your take on it. It gets really tiring hearing about the time, as if these are sprinters or something, .5 of a second blah blah blah. Look at the distance Jenner had to go after the Swedish kid passed the puck off. It's a long way, Jenner was just inside the blueline, pass was made at the same time when the Swede was just across the goal line. As you said, at least 20 feet. It was more than that for sure. Jenner has to be smarter than that, and no hits like that don't go unpenalized in the chl all the time. I've seen suspensions on lesser hits in the dub recently.

Some of the defenses of this hit that i've seen are ridiculous. Basically it wasn't a head shot, or a hit from behind, so big deal? Hey why not just make everybody who's touched the puck elegible to be hit until they leave the ice? It was a ****ing stupid play, that any player with a brain would/should have known it would be punished harshly under IIHF review. Jenner isn't exactly new to international competition.....he should have known better. I don't expect to see him in Ufa at all. Good thing we have a guy like Monahan waiting, might end up being better than Jenner anyway.

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