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Originally Posted by Leafs at Knight View Post
Just picked up Amendola , is he a better start this week than Colston ? ( Who im still not sure I should start over Lance Moore or Mike Williams ) .
I'd definitely go Amendola. Great matchup, and while I'd start Colston over Moore, Colston's been pretty ordinary aside from his two huge weeks in 5/6 or whenever it was.

Originally Posted by chilly34 View Post
So I received Cecil Shorts and Eric Decker in a trade, and now i got 5 spots (2 Backs, 2 Receivers, one Flex) to fill. Pick the best options:

Cobb vs Titans
Thomas vs browns
Wayne vs Cheifs
Decker vs Browns
Shorts vs Pats
RIchardson vs Denver
Morris vs Philly
Spiller vs Miami
This list is ridiculous. Spiller for sure. I'd give Morris the nod over TRich because they'll still likely be conservative with RG3, and Washington will likely be winning (as opposed to Cleveland) which should mean a lot of carries for Morris. I like Cobb quite a bit this week as he's had 19 catches and nearly 300 yards the last 3 weeks (and it's a good matchup). I know some people are worried about Thomas this week with Haden on him, but personally I'm not. I'd play him. Final spot's tough for sure. Shorts has a nice matchup and is over his concussion so I'd go with him at flex. With options this good it's gonna be close to impossible to make all the right decisions.

Originally Posted by IslesRock4 View Post
In the 3rd place game so I don't care an awful lot, but Ronnie Brown or David Wilson? Bradshaw likely back and Brown will probably have to share with Battle/Brinkley.
I'd definitely go Wilson. Baltimore's been run all over this year and Bradshaw is far from 100%. Mathews was terrible all year, so it's tough to envision Ronnie doing much.

Originally Posted by King Henrique View Post
PPR League:

Vick Ballard @ KC or Darren McFadden @ CAR?
Man that's tough. I like Ballard a lot this week. Both run Ds are terrible. I think McFadden's the play here, but I have a hunch this week so I'd personally go Ballard. It's risky though. McFadden would be ahead of him in pretty much every ranking, particularly PPR.

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