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Originally Posted by overpass View Post
When the Ottawa Senators suspended operations for the 1931-32 season, the Detroit Falcons picked up Connell and several other Ottawa players. Here's a season preview of the Falcons from Gazette staff writer L.S.B. Shapiro.

First of all, I don't know the hockey credentials of Mr Shapiro. A quick google search shows that he is better known for his work as a war correspondent in WWII.

Shapiro is very optimistic about the chances of the Falcons for improvement. They would improve with the addition of the Ottawa players, but only from a 0.443 W% to a 0.479 W%. So maybe he was a bit too high on the value of Connell, Smith, and Kilrea, who were coming from a team that had only won 10 games in the previous season, after all.

Hec Kilrea seems to get the most attention from the author, possibly because his performance is a bit of a wild card and could be a key to the season. Connell seems to get grouped with defenceman Alex Smith as an "effective" and "steady" performer. He is projected to bring a "great improvement" in goal, but that may be attributed as much to the past performance of Dolly Dolson (who would not appear in another NHL game) as to Connell's projected performance.
My God, we should have voted Alex Smith as a Top-60 D-Men. I mean, he MUST be the main factor behind the Falcons from 7th to 2nd in goals allowed!

In others words, when end-of-the-year voting doesn't fit with actual results, I'd rather throw off the voting than the results.

Also, the article says something about "Temperamentals". I wonder what does that mean in that context.

The 2nd AST gotten by Worters CAN actually make sense : his team was beyond terrible. The only head scratcher behind that is, if he was so awesome, how could a rather-old and non-NHL-seasoned anymore Jake Forbes could play a somewhat statistically significant total of games (6) with no actual "loss" for the Amerks.

This is why Connell finishing so far in the voting makes little sense -- unless we collectively overrated guys like Ching Johnson (amongst others -- Roach getting serious AST consideration, really?!?!) and severely underrate Alex Smith.

(Just pointing up : Ebbie Goodfellow was a center at that point. Probably not Top-200 material at that position)

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