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06-05-2006, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by bladoww
Only 3 screws in the heel worked for you? If that's the case I may just go with that, or just make an additional hole in the frame mount a tad further back so I get more sole contact. Think that would work?

I tell you what, those RMS screws aren't cheap but I wonder if just plain old flathead screws and nuts wouldn't be any better? Wouldn't sacrifice any strength that's for sure.
I wouldn't compromise the strength of the frame by drilling any other holes. Did that one time, huge mistake.

Sure Grip has the most narrow heel piece, so either grab a pair of Sure Grips, or go with 3 screws on the current frames.

Those RMS screws hold like cement.

I have used skateboard screws before and had alot of luck with them as well.

I cut and stop pretty hard on my Megas, and never had a problem with the three screws.

About a year and half ago a local hockey shop found a pair of Daoust Gold 555 skates for me in their warehouse. I used them for ice until this past Winter when my g/f got me a pair of Synergy 1300Cs.

Just the other day I decided to turn my Daoust into rollerblades. They have a flat plastic bottom and the base is pretty wide.

So in this case I will probably use all rivets. I generally only use screws if the base of the skate is narrow.

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