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12-23-2012, 10:15 AM
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Funny self depricating experience:

I must have been spoiled growing up, because other than my backyard, I don't remember ever ice skating outdoors, always had rink time somewhere. So today I go to a park a mile from my house with a decent sized sheet of ice, 5 hours before the warming house opens. I walk over with my equipment, and soon realize it is way too difficult to tie skates while sitting on the ground. So I walk over to a bench, and by this time my fingers are too cold to successfully lace the eyelets. (10 degrees, feels like -1 F).

So I go back to my car, crank the heat, and then start lacing them up in my car. But I quickly discover cars just don't have enough leg room to put skates on, especially since the backseat is taken up by car seats, toys, etc.

So I'm frustrated by this point, walk back to the ice, pick up my equipment and go back to the car, only to realize somewhere along the way one of my skate guards came off in the snow. My blade has several nicks on it from the pavement, even though I only stepped on pavement like 10 steps.

Moral of the story-I rock. I guess if there's no warming house, people either have gigantic cars to put skates on in, or people drop them off?

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