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12-23-2012, 11:13 AM
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I dunno... From a competition/competitiveness stand point the WJC already is the least interesting tournament in the history of sports (obviously hyperbole but you get my point) and I don't think adding 2 (or 4 or 6) additional teams is going to change that. The fact that there looks to be, on paper at least, 6 fairly strong teams this year I think is pretty unusual. Historically Canada & Russia seem to have been the only 2 nations that have been strong year after year. Based on raw numbers alone going forward the US should have enough depth to always have a strong team while at least in fairly recent times the Czech Rep, Finland & Sweden seemed to have all taken turns at different times being really good and pretty bad.

As has already been mentioned one of the problems is a country may earn promotion with a relatively strong group of players who are then to old to play in the tournament the following year. This means the team that is now playing in the elite division could be made up of a weaker group of players who may have even struggled in Div I.

The idea of having a qualifying tournament earlier in the year to determine the the final couple of spots in the tournament so the players that earn the spot in the higher division are the players that play in the higher division seems reasonable. Obviously there are logistical issues to overcome though.

Anyway... I think limiting the relegated teams to 1 and overhauling the struture of the lower divisions were a step in the right direction.

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It's funny because when things happen like Germany beating the USA it is 100% a reflection of the dominant team (USA) mailing it in or "falling asleep at the wheel". People are desperate to make it about the success of the underdog but it just isn't what happened. Personally I am not interested in watching games where there is such a mismatch that one team has no motivation to try, even if it means the underdog wins once and a while.
I get the dominate team taking the weaker team lightly heading into a game but if the better team is tied or trailing by a goal or 2 heading into the 3rd I would have to think if they were "falling asleep at the wheel" they are now wide awake. At that point if the better team does drop points to their inferior opponent than that opponent deserves a little more than 0% credit for the result.

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