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12-23-2012, 11:14 AM
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We've gotta get on.
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Might as well do it again, a little update.

Name: BBH (duh)
Age: --
Sex: M
Hometown: Somewhere in Chicagoland...
Current Location: ^
Nationality: 'Murica
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125 - I'm lanky as hell
Hair Color: DARK brown
Eye Color: Brown
Mode of Transportation: Bus, bike, Altima
Job: Humane Society Volunteer
Favorite Hockey Team: Hawks
Favorite Player: Toews/Saad/Teravainen
College Attended/Attending: ----------
Favorite Video Game: RCT3, Coaster Crazy, Mario Kart (Wii or DS only, please)
Favorite Song: "Tighten Up", "Gold on the Ceiling" or anything by the Black Keys, but I like a lot of the stuff from musicals as well.
Favorite Band: The Black Keys
Favorite Movie: "Moneyball"
Favorite Food: Cheesecake, New York Style
Favorite TV Show: "The Big Bang Theory"
Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe: Custom 2010-11 Hawks alternate with my name on it, Toews away, Hossa Home, Esposito Home

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