Thread: Injury Report: Hudon out for WJC with back injury
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12-23-2012, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
What a sad state our youth are in when they choose to cheer against their own country for a player who most of them have only known about for the last year of their lives. And by known I am referring to the odd game on tv and youtube highlights. I can't imagine how disgusted our own players would be to know this after giving every ounce of effort to bring home the gold.

I take alot of pride in knowing that my country is the greatest hockey nation on the planet. Defending this title has been among the highest achievements that some of our greatest players have accomplished. It is difficult to read these childish posts about cheering for the USA after watching the Hendersons, Crosbys, Lemieux's etc show such joy in winning for their country.

I want to see Galchenyuk play well but certainly don't want the USA taking our gold.
You must be the higher power then.

Montreal Canadiens >> Team Canada an its not even close.

If we weren't in the midst of a 20+yr cup drought, myself and probably others would likely feel different about the situation but I am tired of the mediocrity and if Galchenyuk ripping apart TC gets us closer to a cup, I hope he breaks records and humiliates TC.

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