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Originally Posted by limite View Post
QUOTE=Will Hunting;56734685]Itīs really close in my view. Morrow, while very good, is getting awfully overrated here.

That's for sure. It all comes from him being a lat cut in camp last year and almost making the team. That was exactly what was said about Bisonnette, and look how he turned out. Also Morrow has been terrible in WBS this year. The idea that he is ready for the NHL is laughable.

Yeah, its the same reason that they picked Angelo Esposito.

Really? What exactly is that. He didn't make TC. He isn't scoring at a particularly high pace. His defense is still suspect. So what has he done?

Oh really? And you know this exactly how? You watched Portland a lot, have you? Or are you just making this up based on what other people on HF who also haven't seen them play say?

Thanks for the deep insight.

It's amazing how anyone could have an opinion on a topic like this. You could throw a blanket over Morrow, Pouliot, along with Depres and Maata. There is virtually nothing accomplishment-wise to distinguish among them. All are defensemen who are #20-30 picks. (That's where Pouliot belongs, especially in a good draft). All were good, but not exceptional in juniors. Morrow and Depres have both been terrible at WBS and with Maata and Pouliot is still in junior, so can't separate them on this basis. They even differ little in skill set, except for Pouliot, who is somewhat better offensively and worse defensively than the rest. Maybe a professional scout could tell you that one is better than the others, but I'm not a professional scout and neither is anyone who mouths off here about who is better.

The basic fact about prospects, even "good" ones, drafted outside very top is that the vast majority amount to nothing significant. As anyone with a brain knows, you can't making predictions of the future without taking apriori probabilities into account. This is a fundamental reasoning error commonly made by people who aren't very bright. So if you you don't have any real facts, the best prediction is that the prospect will never be a high impact player. The Pens have a lot of good but not great prospects. (People talk about Morrow and Pouliot as if they were Hamilton and Gormley level prospects) This improves the odds that at least one will turn out well. But anyone who thinks that he can predict which is in full delusion mode.
Wow. A lot of awful in here, and not just the spelling and grammar.

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