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Originally Posted by BostonMVP77 View Post
That is so cool, I could never fathom the idea of a pro team actually responding and sending something back, but I guess if you send out enough, you're bound to get something in return. I wonder if there are any teams who would still do this, but I doubt it.
I found minor league teams were the best. I'd get all sorts of game programs, media guides, stickers, game schedules etc. The NCAA schools were a little hit and miss, I think some of them were worried about violating NCAA rules for contacting kids not in the "recruitment" period. Some teams sent me lots of things like hats, t-shirts etc. I even received an expensive looking hardcover book from an Australian rugby team.

But the majority of pro teams probably have old game programs and posters kicking around they would be happy to get rid of. The trick was to find the right person at the team to write to. I usually went through the corporate directory and found their Community Relations or PR person and emailed them directly. I found that the generic email accounts for the big 4 teams were less than successful. Also, sometimes emailing the league itself was successful.

In a small way, I feel guilty about doing this since it wasn't all what I said it was. I often thought if a team ever wanted pictures of my "project", I would put something together and get someone to take a picture of me in a classroom after school. But it certainly was a fun thing getting packages and seeing what I would get back. I often wonder if Canada Customs has/had a file on me, since I was getting packages from all over the world, sometimes 15 per day.

It all started because my Dad said as a kid, he would write to NHL teams and ask if they can send him a poster or a picture and most times they would send him a team post card or something. I just took it to the extreme lol.

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