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12-23-2012, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Colin226 View Post
Had a great time tonight.. I was the dude in the black shirt with the obnoxiously huuuuge Devils logo on it (found only in Cherry Hill, NJ which apparently has a decent number of fans as the Champs store manager told me)

Anyway, good event by the Devils to help out the local businesses and encourage fans to come for dinner even on non-game nights, which there seem to be a lot of.. Dino BBQ owned it, with the best food and the only location that consistently brought out more food.. The other places were decent, with one falling way behind, but I don't want to give any negative reviews..

It was just fun night to hang with Devils fans and enjoy ourselves.. We may hate this lockout, but remember that the Devils staff are trying hard for us and do not have guaranteed jobs.. I thanked every one I saw.. A very fun night overall
Dino was good! Going to go back there along with loft (my nephew loved the cat fish). The other two place were blah to me. Only reason I even bothered with one was the pizza for my nephew. (He ate 2)...

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