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Originally Posted by Boltsfan2029 View Post
I can come to that conclusion because I've spent 30 years or so working in the field of litigation. I know from firsthand experience how the the game is played. I know that no matter how many times folks hang their hats on the "hill to die on" and "take it or leave it" statements as a way to condemn the league that those statements are simply rhetoric, probably brought about because they feel it may be the only way to get Fehr to stop slowing down the process.

The league has said "take it or leave it" more than once, and has come back to the table and changed their offer each time. Daly has as much as said they will do it again.
I'm not arguing against it being a viable strategy, it is. The point is that the strategy the league is using is delaying negotiations every bit as much as the players dragging their feet. All the blame is being put on the players for dragging this thing out when in reality their "tactics" are a direct response to how the league has chosen to negotiate.

Originally Posted by LPHabsFan View Post
It's mythical because it only happens under a certain set of circumstances where the players don't actually give up anything. And this was before all of the damage. And you say they gave up some contract rights and variance. That it? That doesn't really seem like a lot for a side who is claiming to have given up a ton already and is the only side giving. Is this a two issue CBA negotiation?
100's of millions going forward + contract restrictions is very significant. If you don't think so, you don't understand the negotiations. I've also never said the players are or should be done giving.

Originally Posted by stuffradio View Post
The PA could have grown up and started negotiations early this year. You don't seem to acknowledge this. The PA have been very tactful just like the owners. They are playing the same game the owners are now playing, but started to plan this in January when they were too "busy" to negotiate. That's why they cried to the fans in September that they wanted to play under this CBA and negotiate. They planned this all along.
The "owners" side keeps saying the players should get over that first offer.... maybe it's time the other side got over this?

The league has decided to use the leverage they get from making the players miss cheques, starting earlier wouldn't have helped. The owners were going to make the players pay for anything they want to keep with game cheques, no deal was going to be reached before now.

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