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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post

- Inconsistent effort. The fact that Connell is brought up and defended so vehemently is strictly statistically based because there isn't all that much else really. Unless you have something?
31-32 AST voting for goalies is weird to say the least, for reasons covered above.

Clancy considered him the best goalie he played with. Better than Clint Benedict. And while Benedict was a bit old, it's not THAT relevant, because he still added quite a lot to his legacy by the time he was a teammate of Clancy, and if you take out those Sens years (and obviously, everything he did afterwards), we're probably voting for him in this very round.

Technicals are technically irrelevant. Results are what matters (give a large meaning to "results")

Consistency : IF anything, he appeared to have been a pretty consistent goaltender, as least as far as his stats are concerned (one season looks bad, but he was in a terrible setting -- it doesn't mean he was really bad). Didn't have off years like some of his contemporaries appeared to (Tiny Thompson is the first to come to mind in that regard).

I also dare you to find a post (from me) that was based solely on statistics...

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