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Originally Posted by Dennis Bonvie View Post
Seriously, what's that mean?

Seems like a number of voters are hellbent on proving their own lists (or is it the ATD list?) right.
The aggregate list was very similar to the ATD list, but our final list here is turning out very different from both of them.

Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Speaking of which...

Who were the Detroit Falcons who obtained ASTeams votes that season?
Hec Kilrea received 3 1st place and 3 2nd place votes at LW, and depending on how you count the votes, Hec was either 3rd or 4th in overall LW All-Star voting behind Busher Jackson and Aurel Joliat (Bun Cook had 2 1st place and 5 2nd place votes for LW). Ebbie Goodfellow received 3 1st Team votes at RW and 1 2nd Team Vote at LW. Doug Young (like Alec Connell) received a single 2nd Team vote for the 1931-32 AS team. He would get more votes later in his career, though.

Originally Posted by Sanf View Post

Sorry donīt know how to quote those scanned versions.
You can't copy and paste from scanned versions. You have to manually take the time to type out what the scanned version says, which is only sometimes worth the effort.

Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Not a single word on CuJo.

Startling statement : CuJo will be in my Top-4 this round. Too much consistency at a high level, playing with uneven teams, in direct competition with Roy, Hasek (and, to a lesser extent, Brodeur and Belfour), a few great playoff performances, great durability.
I'm probably going to have Barrasso in my top 4 and Cujo in my "middle 4," though I do get there is a consistency case for Cujo. I actually had Cujo and Beezer right next to each other (and well below Barrasso) on my submitted list, but maybe I should have had Cujo higher.

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