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Originally Posted by ThePsychicSaw View Post
Yeah your touch passing neutral zone was quick and accurate. Was frustrating me I couldn't intercept it while in lanes but I like that. You know, weird you didn't translate that to the offensive zone, but now I see why. These settings.

Sorry I didn't read your post jacky but on paper you'd think that it be perfect for my type of play (passing dekeing setting up) but it's not, not even close.

But obvi if everyone is loving it that's fine. I just don't see how, because everyone I'm playing is agreeing with ne
At this point I think you're the only one suggestiong we change the Normal settings.

We had several complaints about the default ones, which you've complained about in the past. Thus the switch back to normal.

So if you have any positive idea's in regards to which settings should be used and tested, then be my guest.

But you've complained about default (elite) and now normal in this league.

I think we'll run out of options if we keep changing the settings to please everyone.

So at this point, normal will be the setting it stays at.

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