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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
100's of millions going forward + contract restrictions is very significant. If you don't think so, you don't understand the negotiations. I've also never said the players are or should be done giving.
Never said it wasn't significant but you (and the PA) have yet to argue in some concrete way that there is a guarantee that the league will save 100's of millions of dollars. And you have also yet to show what the players have given up aside from what you just mentioned.

What the owners are asking for is 50/50 somewhat immediately and contract restrictions. I say somewhat immediately because the inclusion of the make whole means that they defer the payments of 12.5% of the first two years salary rather than cut it. In exchange for that, they are offering better pension plan, make whole, revenue sharing, increased standards for visitors dressing room and ice, more days off during the year and training camps, team covers cost of 2nd medical opinion, player discipline 3rd party independent committee, trading cap space, removing re-entry waivers, emergency roster cap exceptions, performance bonus cushions in every year, more easy to go on waivers, expanded NMC/NTC, more health and safety in general.

If you actually do the math, with the make whole they'd be about 54% the first year and 52% the second year before reaching 50% the third year. On top of that, the revenue sharing is changed so that the money doesn't go to the top owners but rather the bottom ones. And of the money that the players are giving back, about 37% if i remember my math goes to revenue sharing and another 6-10% (guesses since not much information out there) will go to making the lives of the players better.

I will agree that 5/7 contract lengths is too restrictive but if should be 6/8 or 7/9 and 15% variance. If the players came back with that rather than 25% and then cap exceptions and buyouts and all the other poison pills then we'd be playing.

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