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12-23-2012, 03:55 PM
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I still think the OL needs to be a huge point of interest for the team.

-Starks is an average player and old.

-Colon is the most injury-prone player in the league and not good enough to hang wishes on that he'll be able to play a full schedule. He's an okay player when healthy, but it's not like he's a prime Steve Hutchinson when he's out there. If your OL depends on him being healthy to be decent, you have a problem.

-Pouncey is good, but tends to get dinged and miss time. Also seriously needs to work on his shotgun snaps.

-Adams was solid as a run-blocker but a turnstile without help as a pass-blocker. Have a hard time seeing him being a LT without being a much improved pass blocker.

-DeCastro hasn't played enough to get a serious opinion.

-Foster is just another guy, had to laugh when he got ragdolled today, don't see that happen very often to lineman.

-Beauchim played well for a 7th round pick. He didn't do much in the run game and didn't completely embarrass himself in pass protection for a guy who played a lot at guard in college. Might be a useful swing guy in the future.

-Legursky is crap at guard, okay as a center.

I just don't see anything special there unless DeCastro and Adams each take a big step forward and Pouncey can show he can play a full season.

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