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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
and furthermore, that lindros only twice played more than 65 games in a season, pre-scott stevens.

i'd add that lindros' six best scoring seasons: 119,* 115, 97, 93, 79, 75

messier's: 129, 111, 107, 106, 107, 101

* lockout season. prorated to 82 games, so it assumes that lindros would have stayed mostly healthy through the year (his two games missed in '95 prorated to 4 games missed over a full season).
You know perfectly well that per game, Lindros adjusted stats at his best are much better then Messiers was. That's prime if you ask me. When Lindros was on the ice, he was a better offensive player, and better physical presence. In the playoffs, i think Lindros shortened career could have been the problem, he did score good, but only had that one less than stellar final. Or maybe it was the Detroit dynasty just doing its job.

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