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12-23-2012, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by leafz View Post
I'd just like to add a few things
-firstly Hamilton is not the next Bobby Orr
-I am not saying it is vital for Boston to trade away cap (yes this is not neccasarily a cap dump) but it always helps to loss cap especially when you are so close to the cap limit
-Cap that goes toward what? -Have you seen the free agency class for 2013
-Gardiner had success on a team with terrible defence, think how good he would be with a good defence to give him more confidence
-How would a forward prospect displace subban he is a goalie
-This is not a classic quantity for quality trade it is a quality for (quality + quantity) trade
- You have so many defensive/2way d men and no solid puck moving defence men so why not trade a 2 way for a puck mover
-why would adding prospects displace other prospects, it would make them want to compete harder to get the starting job
-Not when the cap space you gain comes from losing your best forward
-We won't have enough space for any big names even if we did this trade. Big raises for Lucic/Seguin/etc. come in place next year. Thomas leaving barely gives us enough, we'll probably have to part with more. It wouldn't help enough to be taken into consideration. And again, the cap space comes from losing our best forward.
-Sounds great, but I just remembered we lose Hamilton who has huge potential and will more than likely be the better player...
-Not sure what you're talking about.
-There's one quality piece from the Leafs in Gardiner, a decent one in the 1st, and nothing more than quantity with the others. For an elite forward and the best defensive prospect in the league.
-I think he means Spooner/KoKo etc would still be better, and I agree.

One more thing, Bergeron will never be traded. Krejci most likely won't, too, but a trade proposal with Bergeron in it is the most instantaneous turn off for Bruins fans. If you want a #1 center from the Bruins Krejci if your only target, and he's not going to the Leafs. Neither is Hamilton, sorry.

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