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Originally Posted by WantonAbandon View Post
When will Bettmen? How can you expect the NHLPA to negotiate with him in good faith? His next NHL saving plan will be in eight years.... But hey they are partners... what a joke
It's not about faith and it's not about fair and its not about Bettman. It's about a party to a negotiation understanding how much leverage they have and what the best deal possible they can get is. If you want to maximize value to yourself in any negotiation, you have to have as accurate as possible of a view of those two things, both of which are significantly impacted in this case by a) the economic reality of the NHL and b) the relative bargaining power of each party.

The players have either a) misread both of these things horribly or b) intended from the very start to blow this whole thing up and let it play out in the courts. Why I fault the players is because I don't see how either of those options provides anything but a very remote possibility that things work out better for them than just accepting Management's offer. I don't fault the players for wanting to maximize their share of the pie; I fault them for not realizing what the share really is and dragging out the inevitable. All for an incredibly slim chance at a windfall of damages under anti-trust litigation. Which, if it happened, would only enrich them at the expense of future players.

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