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12-23-2012, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by wilco5886 View Post
I'm in the same boat. I tried to give "normal" a couple of blocks, but I much prefer "default." Nearly every game I've played has been under 20 total shots going into the 3rd period. I feel the pokecheck is even more effective than it should be in normal, hits are more likely to bounce off the guy, and more shots go wide than on the net. Majority of goals Ive scored/had scored against me are either point shots or pass to the slot and short side. I also agree normal seems to reward less creative/skillful play than default does. You guys can do what you want, just figured I'd let my feelings known since you guys are under the impression that only Psychic feels this way.
Thanks for the thoughts.

I never checked, but is there a way to set "custom" sliders in GM Connected? Perhaps we could find some middle ground.

I really hate the hitting on default. On normal, there are fewer big hits, but the ones that do occur makes sense. I get quite frustrated when small guys like Gionta and Marty St. Louis can take out guys who outweigh them by 50 lbs with ease. I still remember the first game of the first block, when Desharnais took out Grossmann, and then Gionta wrecked both Pronger and Schenn on the same shift.

I don't think that these settings discourage creative game play. It is more difficult to connect passes, and the loose puck dekes are far more realistic on "normal" (you can't do them at full speed with any but the most elite danglers), but default allows hustle-snips and rebound shots with a lot more ease. Seems to me that they cancel them out.

That said, my games have also seemed low scoring, so perhaps it is something that we need to figure out.

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